School Budget Passes

Cape Elizabeth voters approved a $29,857,097 million school budget for fiscal year 2021-22 during the June 8, 2021 referendum.  The Town Council voted to approve the school budget on May 10 before sending it to a citizen referendum.

Town Clerk, Debra Lane estimated a voter turnout of five percent.  The election drew approximately 439 voters.  

Unofficial Results:

School Budget Validation Referendum

Do you favor approving the Town of Cape Elizabeth school budget for the upcoming school year that was adopted at the latest school budget meeting of the Town Council?

Blank Ballots0

The following is a non-binding expression of opinion for the consideration of the School Board and Town Council.

I find the school budget adopted at the May 10, 2021 Town Council's school budget meeting to be:

Blank Ballots2

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