Planning Board augmenting Town Center Affordable Housing recommendations

The Planning Board will hold its usual, "first Tuesday of the month" workshop on May 4th, followed by a "special meeting." 

The Planning Board will be refining its supplemental recommendations to the Town Council on the Town Center Affordable Housing Amendments. Because the Planning Board discussion may culminate in a formal vote to send the supplemental recommendations to the Town Council, that portion of the evening will be held as a "special meeting." Planning Board Rules of Procedure limit voting at workshops to either determine a conflict of interest or schedule a public hearing to a future meeting. An opportunity for public comment at the special meeting will be available, again in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

Planning Board members and town residents have expressed support for a more comprehensive approach to affordable housing, including dispersing affordable housing opportunities throughout town. One of the items the Planning Board will be discussing is implementation of Recommendation #83 of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan:

 83.  Undertake a Housing Diversity Study that evaluates current costs, needs, impacts on services and other relevant elements and recommends actions to create more affordable opportunities for seniors to downsize, and for young adults and young families to move to Cape Elizabeth. At a minimum, options to evaluate should include incentives to create permanently affordable housing and municipal purchase of land for construction of affordable housing, and coordination of regional efforts with the Metro Coalition.




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