Town Manager's Report

After meeting in the middle of last month and discussing the possibility of having a Memorial Day celebration and parade at the town-center village green, the committee has decided not to recommend having a celebration and forego until next year.  We will hold a virtual celebration as we did last year and was extremely well received.  We are grateful for these efforts.  It is a difficult decision, but with the numbers being where they are and have been trending for a while, it is somewhat concerning that we would not be able to maintain physical distancing and keep folks safe.  We hope that they can celebrate with friends and family in remembrance of those who have passed defending our country and our freedoms.  We look forward to a triumphant return in 2022!

On a quick financial note, Cape Elizabeth Community Services programming opened up two weeks ago and experienced the single largest subscription event in the history of Community Services with $200,000 worth of revenue in one night.  There is a huge amount of pent up demand for great programming that is Covid-safe.  This includes senior programs and trips that are upcoming.  We are seeing good things happening at Community Services and that is very optimistic.  We are happy to see that go forward.

Lastly, this week there will also be a presentation through the Thomas Memorial Library and the Recycling Committee called "Talking Trash."  They have a good registration turnout.  If you are looking for more information on how to properly recycle or other areas of concern relating to refuse disposal, please tune in.  We are happy to provide original programming that will help make a difference.


Matthew Sturgis, Town Manager

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