Greenbelt Trails Popularity Calls for Greater Mindfulness

The Town of Cape Elizabeth manages more than 18 miles of greenbelt trails which are beloved by many.  With COVID-19 restrictions drawing more people outdoors, the increased usage of the greenbelt calls for a reminder of trail guidelines that will protect this great resource and its users.  


  • Stay on the trail. Do not create your own trail. Trails are laid out to avoid trespassing on private property and minimize impact on sensitive resources. Trail users and their pets should never trespass on adjacent private property.

  • Do not alter the trail. If you want to make trail improvements, contact the Conservation Committee with your proposal. Trail lands are often restricted by deed that limit what can occur on the land.

  • Control your pet. Dogs must always be under voice and sight control or be on a leash. No exceptions. Both people and pets have been jumped on or menaced by dogs not under control. Many people do not want a dog to jump on them, even if the dog is "friendly."

  • Respect signage. Trail sign markers are installed to guide the public. Removing a trail sign is a violation of town ordinance. It also exacerbates trespassing on private property when well-meaning trail users wander off the trail.

  • Abide by trail rules. Trail head signs have been installed that summarize trail rules. Please respect these rules.

The Greenbelt Trail map and trail information can be found here.  For more information, please contact Town Planner Maureen O'Meara or attend a Conservation Committee Meeting.

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