Short-term rental amendments: Planning Board public hearing expected Nov. 17

Proposed amendments regulating short-term rental operations in Cape Elizabeth are continuing to move through the ordinance-amendment process.

The Planning Board held its fourth workshop at which short-term rentals were discussed on Oct. 6, 2020. [draft amendments as of 9/23/2020] The board intends to hold a public hearing on the amendments on Nov. 17. Members of the public are encouraged to submit written comments, care of the town planner, and/or attend the November meeting via Zoom. The meeting agenda, and the most current draft of the amendments, will be posted to the town website a week before the meeting and include the Zoom meeting ID information. Public comment will be limited to 3 minutes per person.

The Planning Board agenda for its Oct. 20 meeting will include short-term rentals solely for the purpose of voting to schedule the public hearing for Nov. 17. Members of the public will be provided an opportunity to speak on Oct. 20, but the Planning Board is encouraging citizens to hold their comments until the November meeting, said Town Planner Maureen O'Meara. The Oct. 20 Planning Board meeting has a record-setting number of items that the board would like to complete, she said.

Once the Planning Board sends a recommendation to the Town Council, the council will also hold a public hearing before considering adoption of the short-term rental amendments.

For more information about public comment opportunities or where to find the most current version of the proposed amendments, please contact O'Meara at 207-799-0115 or

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