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Grant accepted, construction expected this summer for northern segment of Town Center sidewalk

The town has accepted a $90,000 grant from the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System to help fund construction of a sidewalk at the northern end of the town center.

The Town Council on Feb. 10, 2020 voted to accept the grant from the PACTS Municipal Partnership Initiative for inclusion in the fiscal 2020-21 budget.

The money will help fund construction of a 525-foot long, 6-foot wide walk on the east side of Ocean House Road between the Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church and Cumberland Farms. The walk is "Segment 1" identified in the sidewalk section of the 2014 Town Center Plan.

"This is an important link at the current time with the Crosstown Trail," said Town Manager Matthew Sturgis. Pedestrians will be able to safely walk from the current terminous of the trail to Cumberland Farms, cross Shore Road and Ocean House Road at safe crosswalks and continue to the center of town.

sidewalk segment 1 concept plan
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sidewalk segment 1 concept plan with photo
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Town Center Sidewalk Segment 1, proposed for construction in 2020, is located on the northern end of the Town Center, on the east side of Ocean House Road, extending from Cumberland Farms to the Methodist Church.


"We rarely receive MPI grants," said Sturgis, referring to funds made available by PACTS for shovel-ready projects identified in one of its subregions. "Generally those funds are used by Portland and South Portland, but in this case they've seen the wisdom of trying to help us get this portion constructed," he said.

Construction is expected this summer, with the required 50-percent match and any extra construction costs coming from the town's capital improvement fund for sidewalks.

Two other sidewalk segments, proposed for the front of the Pond Cove Shopping Center south to the corner of Fowler Road, are partially funded by a separate PACTS grant and slated for fiscal year 2022. Grant funds for that project were accepted in February 2019. [news article]

Concept plans for all three segments were presented at a public meeting Jan. 16. "We didn't receive any negative comments regarding this, it's all been positive," Sturgis said.

The project will not improve pedestrian safety, it will also improve drainage by helping move stormwater through the center of town.