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Applications for 2021 Senior Tax Relief Program now available

Applications for the 2021 Senior Tax Relief Program, now in its third year, are now available. If you participated last year, you will receive an application in the mail in the next few weeks. You must apply each year, because your income status may change.

If you are looking to apply, you can download an application from our website or you can call the Assessing Department (207-799-1619) and have one mailed to you. You may also email the assessor at and he will reply with a .pdf attachment.

To qualify, residents must be 65 or older, have lived in their residence – owned or rented – for 10 years, have a federally adjusted annual household income of less than $60,000 and receive the state's homestead exemption.  A copy of your 2019 Social Security Benefit Statement or 2019 Income Tax return (only the first two pages) are required to prove income.

The deadline for completed applications is Nov. 15, 2020, with approved checks being delivered by the end of January 2021. The benefit cap remains at $500.

The current town budget includes $85,000 to fund the program.