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Charter Communications announces cable-TV rate increase

Charter Communications has announced a cable TV rate increase effective Aug. 5, 2020.

Shelley Winchenbach, director of government affairs at Charter Communications, announced the increases in a letter to municipal officials July 5. Charter is marketed under the "Spectrum" brand.

Here is the text of the announcement, also included in July bills from Spectrum:

July 5, 2020
Re: Charter Communications – Upcoming Changes
Dear Municipal Official:

At Charter, locally known as Spectrum, we continue to enhance our services in order to offer more entertainment and communication choices, and to deliver the best value to our customers. We are committed to offering our customers with products and services we are sure they will enjoy.

Programming fees charged by TV networks we carry are the greatest single factor in higher cable prices, and continue to rise. Despite our best efforts to control these costs, this has resulted in a change in the rates we charge our customers.

Effective on or after July 5, 2020, customers are being noticed via bill message of the following monthly pricing changes, which will take effect on or after August 5, 2020. Customer promotional rates will not change until the end of the promotion period.

Services/Products/Equipment Pricing Adjustment
Broadcast TV Surcharge Will increase by $2.95. This reflects the costs incurred from local Broadcast TV Stations
Spectrum TV Select Will increase by $1.50
Spectrum TV Silver
Will increase by $1.50
Spectrum TV Gold
Will increase by $1.50

If you have questions about this change, please feel free to contact us.


Shelley Winchenbach
Director, Government Affairs
Charter Communications