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New short-term rental permits on hold for most of 2020

The town has placed a hold on new permits for short-term rentals.

The Town Council on April 13, 2020 unanimously approved a 180-day moratorium on the issuance of new permits, giving its ordinance subcommittee time to complete work on proposed updates to regulations on properties leased for between seven and 30 days at a time.

"The point of this is simply to curtail the issuance of new permits," said Councilor Jamie Garvin. Permits in good standing will still be renewed, he said.

The Ordinance Committee is scheduled to meet this week by video conference to continue drafting revisions to permit requirements, prompted by complaints from neighbors of short-term rental properties. [news article]. Instructions for joining the April 16 meeting are available on the meeting agenda.

Councilor Penny Jordan, chair of the ordinance committee, said she anticipates two more ordinance committee meetings before draft updates are ready for consideration by the full council. Public comment is welcome throughout the process, and a formal public hearing will be held before any revisions are adopted.

The moratorium on new short-term rental permits is effective for 180 days beginning June 1.

Solar Panel Review

At the same June 1 workshop, councilors are slated to review with the Energy Committee proposals for a solar array to be built near the current transfer station