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School Department seeking support staff

Tapping into the town's strong sense of community, School Board Chair Heather Altenburg made an urgent plea for additional support as the schools reopen on Sept. 8, 2020 under a hybrid model in her letter to families on Sept. 6. The hybrid model requires that strict safety guidelines be followed by students, families, and staff in order to mitigate the threat of COVID-19. Social distancing and monitoring of symptoms are among the most critical elements of precautionary measures.

Altenburg explained that as a result of requiring social distancing on all school buses, many more bus monitors are needed in order to assure that safety measures are being followed. Additionally, because students and staff are required to self-monitor for COVID symptoms daily and stay home when indicated, it is anticipated that the need for substitute teachers will be great. "Let's work together and be there for each other by lending a helping hand, as we have done so many times before."

Those with interest in either the bus monitor or substitute teacher opportunities should contact Arlene Rochefort, the school department's Human Resources Coordinator at , for more information.