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Appointments Committee charged with the creation of a new committee to address diversity, racism and racial inequality

Following the Town Council's June 22, 2020 special workshop, the council voted 6-0 at a special meeting to refer to the Appointments Committee the formation of a new committee to address racism and racial inequality in Cape Elizabeth. The charge of the yet-to-be-named committee includes but is not limited to: identifying necessary training for town employees, committees, and town councilors; exploring partnerships with other organizations to address the lack of affordable housing; discussing the possibility of creating a Juneteenth holiday and/or creating landmarks for people who have historically been under-represented; and developing statements for future signs. The composition of the new committee should include representation from the School Board, school administrators, students, Cape Elizabeth Police Department, the Thomas Memorial Library, the Cape Elizabeth Diversity Coalition, and other Cape Elizabeth organizations. Town Councilor Jamie Garvin suggested that the committee have staggered terms to allow for turnover and that it be allowed to include more than seven members if necessary.

The Appointments Committee will begin work on this new charge on Monday, June 29 at 7 p.m. via Zoom Video Conferencing and deliver recommendations to the Town Council at their next regular meeting on July 13.