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Emergency ordinance amendment removes leash requirements for dogs in Fort Williams Park

In response to numerous requests from citizens, Town Councilors voted 5-1 to approve rescinding a portion of the emergency order which requires dog owners keep their dogs on leash at all times within Fort Williams Park before the June 30, 2020 expiration. As of June 9, dog owners will be allowed to walk their dogs off leash within the designated areas in the park. Owners must keep a leash with them and only unleash their dog(s) if they respond to voice command.

In addition, Town Manger Matthew Sturgis reported a need to reinstall portable restroom facilities now that the park is open to vehicular traffic. This is in response to sanitization issues as well as federal requirements that employees have access to restroom facilities. This will require that all portable units provide sanitizing wipes and sprays inside and outside, as well as signage which states that all users do so at their own risk. Portable units will be sanitized daily and serviced daily, in response to the pandemic. Installation will be completed in approximately five days.

Planning for restaurant service in town within governor's guidelines

Sturgis notified the Town Council that while the governor's executive order does not allow restaurants to offer indoor dining, many towns have created solutions which allow businesses to serve customers outdoors. Within Cape Elizabeth there are a few businesses which would be in violation of their current site plans if they provided outdoor seating. These businesses are requesting consideration for a temporary, streamlined plan which would allow them to operate within the governor's legal guidelines. This would be subject to safety and parking requirements for the duration of the governor's executive order. The Town Council will hear and discuss plans at the June 15 meeting.