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Council begins comprehensive review of regulations for short-term rentals

The Town Council is slated to begin a comprehensive review of regulations governing short-term rentals.

Councilors on Oct. 16, 2019 referred the review to its ordinance subcommittee, which will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 28 at Town Hall [meeting materials]

Tension in neighborhoods with short-term rental properties came to a head this summer, with residents addressing the council at their July meeting during the "Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on the Agenda" [video]. Councilors have also received at least 15 emails expressing concerns and suggesting changes to short-term rental regulations, said Council Chair Jamie Garvin.

Valerie Adams, another councilor, encouraged more feedback as the council begins review of short-term rental regulations, approved in 2012 as amendments to the zoning ordinance. [news article].

"We would invite anyone who is interested to come to the ordinance committee meeting," Adams said. "That's where we really start working on this stuff, and it's incredibly helpful to have people there who are living in these neighborhoods and can provide us with additional insight as we're talking about the ordinance itself," she said.

The meeting will be the first of what will likely be many to accommodate a thorough review, said Council Chair Garvin.

The referral to the Ordinance Committee was one of several made on Oct. 16 as the council begins implementation of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan [news article]. One of those recommendations is to streamline administrative tracking of some short-term rental activity, without expanding regulations, but councilors opted to make it a thorough and comprehensive review of the ordinance governing short-term rentals.