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'Cape Partnerships for Education' matches community resources with school needs

The School Department has launched a new initiative to facilitate connections between classroom learning and "the real world."

Cape Partnerships for Education has been established to support the tradition of teachers drawing on the wide range of knowledge and skills embodied in the people who call Cape Elizabeth home

As part of the initiative, a new central database of community resources has also been established. "Many of these partners have collaborated with students and teachers in the past, and now we have a central location for their information," said John Holdridge, who coordinates volunteers and extended learning opportunities for the School Department. The data has already been used to connect several engineers with the Cape Robotics program, and for a teacher's request to connect with Cape Elizabeth veterans.

"Just two weeks after the first call for partners was released we've registered 162 individuals who've expressed an interest in sharing their expertise in various ways," said John Holdridge, who coordinates volunteers and extended learning for the School Department.

Residents who would like to be included in the database can find more information and a link to the Cape Partnerships for Education survey on the school website.

Cape Partnerships for Education is based at the "HUB," a flexible workspace established at the High School to support independent student projects and community connections, and funded by the Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation.

Holdridge will manage the collected information and play the role of community-resource librarian in connecting students and teachers with the available knowledge, skills, and resources that community members are willing to share.

The service is available to teachers in all three schools.