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School Board approves 2020-2025 strategic-plan goals

The School Board on Oct. 8, 2019 approved five goals that will guide the schools' strategic plan for the next five years.

The goals are the product of the Future Search that began last February, said board Co-Vice Chair Heather Altenburg. Starting with ideas that emerged from a two-day session of more than 100 stakeholders, a smaller group met several times this spring and summer to analyze the outcome and identify the focus. "These rose to the top as the most important," Altenburg said.

The five goals are: [download]

Health and Well-Being

Our schools will provide a supportive learning environment in which physical, social, and emotional well-being are valued and promoted.

Global Competency

Our students will be personally responsible, aware, empathetic, and engaged local and global citizens.

Multiple Pathways and Definitions of Success

Our schools will value, promote, and celebrate multiple pathways and definitions of success.

Safe, Sustainable, and Effective Facilities

Our schools will be safe and effective facilities. They will be updated and maintained to meet the needs of students and staff in accordance with long-term financial planning.

Environmental Responsibility

The school department will prioritize environmental responsibility, including stewardship and sustainability

The approved wording was refined by administrators and School Board members during a board retreat Sept. 24.

Susana Measelle Hubbs, School Board chair, thanked all who participated in forming the goals. "This comes from contribution and work and hard thinking of a huge number of stakeholders," said Measelle Hubbs. "I want to thank again everybody who participated, it was a huge success and I feel that these five goals truly represent the wishes of everybody there," she said.

Support of a new strategic plan is the board's top goal for the 2019-20 school year.