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Schools publish summary of 'Future Search' ideas that will ground strategic plan for 2019-2024

Click image above to download "Charting Our Course Into the Future" Executive Summary

The School Department has published a summary of findings from the two-day "Charting Our Course Into the Future" event held at Cape Elizabeth High School March 15-16.

The data gathered at the "Future Search" event will be used to develop a strategic plan for Cape Elizabeth schools through 2024.

The summary reflects the thinking of the 100 stakeholders – community members, teachers, parents, students, administrators, and members of the School Board – who gathered to brainstorm the question, "How should education in Cape Elizabeth look in order to be responsive to the current and future needs of our students?"

The resulting plan will guide budget development each year and will drive the programs and curriculum offered to students.

The data has already been used to develop draft five-year goals, mission, vision and set of values, which will be presented to many stakeholder groups for review and comment. "After receiving input from all groups, a final draft will be presented to the School Board for approval," the summary says.

Officials anticipate having the strategic plan finalized by the start of the 2020-2021 school year, the summary says.