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Pond Cove School toy drive does principal proud

Pond Cove Elementary School students collected and donated a "very large" box full of toys to the Opportunity Alliance in South Portland this holiday season.

Principal Jason Manjourides reported the donation to the School Board at their meeting Jan. 8, 2019.

"As you know it's not uncommon for Pond Cove students to demonstrate leadership qualities and to reach out and support the greater community," said Manjourides.

The toy drive was initiated by a fourth-grade student, one who has been a catalyst for fundraisers in the past, Manjourides said. She submitted a proposal, and Manjourides worked with her and her parents to make it happen.

"I just continue to be amazed at how our students, just time and time again, step up and they do their homework, they do their research and they find very important causes and work to support them," he said.