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School strengthening preparation for SAT testing

Cape Elizabeth High School is beefing up the support it provides students who are preparing to take the SATs, which are used by many colleges as an entrance exam, and by the state Department of Education as an assessment test.

High School Principal Jeff Shedd announced the initiative in an email to juniors and their parents. "There will be a certain number of sessions we will expect all juniors to attend," Shedd told members of the School Board at their meeting Jan. 8, 2019. "They won't be losing any class time, we've built around their free periods and study hall periods," he said.

Shedd said he has been working with the coordinator of the school's Achievement Center to develop a series of eight support sessions to be held before the SAT is administered to all Maine juniors on April 9.

The test measures proficiency in math and English language arts/literacy, and has become more complicated in recent years, Shedd said. "(It's) better to be able to go in to the SAT for the first time being familiar with the types of questions; having a sense of 'this is how I'm going to attack this type of question;' being given some options that other students have found were successful, that sort of thing," Shedd said.

The Achievement Center offers SAT support for anyone seeking it, but Shedd said this is the first time the school is requiring it. "I expect there will be some grousing from kids, because many times they understandably like to be in control of their own time," he said. "But, we're going ... to let every student know exactly when these meetings will be for their particular group, so that they can hopefully plan around that and be accepting of this as a really good opportunity for them."