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Voters approve 2019-20 school budget

The $26.9 million school budget adopted by the Town Council on May 13 was approved by voters in a validation election June 11, 2019.

Unofficial results:

School Budget 2019-20 Validation
YES ...... 417
NO ....... 207

(Blank ballots - 3)

The following is a non-binding expression of opinion for the consideration of the School Board and Town Council.

I find the school budget adopted at the May 13, 2019 Town Council’s school budget meeting to be:

TOO HIGH ........... 243
ACCEPTABLE ....... 260
TOO LOW ............ 116

(Blank ballots - 8)

School Budget Validation Referendum Process

Do you wish to continue the budget validation referendum process in Cape Elizabeth for an additional three years?

YES ..... 456
NO ...... 165

(Blank ballots - 6)

Voter Turnout - approximately 8 percent

A total of 627 ballots were cast, for an unofficial voter turnout of approximately 8 percent. Of those voting on the budget, 417 voted to approve; 207 voted against. There were 86 absentee ballots cast.

In a separate advisory vote, 260 said they believed the $26.9 million figure was acceptable, 243 said it was too high, and 116 said it was too low. A strong majority, 456 voters, said they wish to continue the validation process for the next three years.

The 2019-20 validated school budget, $26,890,420 compared to $25,392,276 for this year, is up 5.9 percent and accounts for 60 cents of the overall 74-cent tax-rate increase forecast for next year. Eleven cents of the increase is attributable to the town budget, and 3 cents to the county assessment. [tax summary]

There were 3 blank ballots on the budget, 8 blank ballots on the advisory question and 6 blank ballots on the question of whether to continue the referendum process for another three years.