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Opportunities to help Portland asylum seekers

Many people may be wondering how they may assist in meeting the challenge of the increase in asylum seeking individuals and families arriving in Portland. The following paragraphs have some information that may prove useful to those wishing to provide assistance.

City of Portland

The following information is helpful, and from the city's website at, there is also a link providing additional information: "The city has also had an outpouring of support from the public, and many have expressed an interest in donating to help us provide shelter, housing, and basic necessities. For anyone wishing to donate, you can text the word EXPO to 91999 or visit to view other options. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, the City cannot accept physical donations at this time. It is imperative that people do not show up at the Expo with donations. We appreciate the public's assistance with this matter."

Preble Street Resource Center in Portland

Preble Street Resource Center is also open to the donation of food items and volunteer assistance. They can be reached at 207-775-0026 their website is found at:

Greater Portland Family Promise has also sent out the following information:

Have you heard about the sudden influx of immigrants arriving from the southern border? Compassionate and helpful persons like you are needed to welcome these new friends to the wonderful state of Maine.  To read the Portland Press Herald article from yesterday's paper, click here.

Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition (MIRC) is part of the state emergency response team speared headed by City of Portland working with the Maine Emergency Management Agency, the Red Cross, the CDC and other state and city partners. MIRC can be reached at 207-517-3404 with a website of

Catholic Charities Refugee Service is an additional resource and they can be reached at 207-871-7437, website