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Learn how national trends are impacting Cape recycling

Do you know what happens to your recyclables once you put them in the container?

The Cape Elizabeth Recycling Committee will host a free informational session, "The State of Recycling in 2019: From National Trends to Local Impacts," from 6-7 p.m. Tuesday, May 28, 2019, at the Community Center Community Room, 343 Ocean House Road.

Come learn about recent changes in recycling markets nationally and the financial and environmental impacts on our recycling efforts in Cape Elizabeth.

Guests for the panel discussion will be Kevin Roche, general manager at ecomaine, the waste-management organization that processes our trash and recyclables, along with Katrina Venhuizen, education coordinator at ecomaine; and Robert Malley, Cape Elizabeth director of Public Works.

Register for the free session online, or for more information see the Recycling Committee's Facebook page.

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