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Town receives grant for engineering to relocate Crescent Beach/Kettle Cove public boat launch

The town has received a $13,750 grant from the Maine Department of Marine Resources to begin work on relocating the public boat launch at Crescent Beach and Kettle Cove.

The grant will be used for surveying and engineering services to develop a preliminary plan for relocating the public boat access at Crescent Beach/Kettle Cove to an historic location further northwest off of Kettle Cove Road. The move was recommended by the 2018 Harbors Committee due to the steep topography and exposure to erosive wave action at the current site.

Town Council Chair Jamie Garvin called the award "great news," and Town Manager Matthew Sturgis said the town is excited to receive what it hopes will be the first of two grants to complete the committee's recommendation.

"Probably after we get through this (planning) work next spring we'll be looking to apply for what they call a coastal harbor access grant," Sturgis told councilors at their meeting Aug. 12, 2019. "So it's kind of like this is the first domino to fall, and then the second domino would be ... funding to help us with an access that should come from the planning of this," he said.

The grant, accepted by the council on Aug. 12, cannot be used for construction and requires a 25-percent match – approximately $3,500 – cash or in kind. "We have the money set aside to match our end of it, but we also have staff time that we will be devoting to this," Sturgis said.

Implementing the recommendations of the Harbors Committee, including improved access for watercraft in the Kettle Cove/Crescent Beach area and developing a coastal access plan, are among Town Council goals for 2019.