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Grant application begins process for relocating Kettle Cove/Crescent Beach area public boat access

The town is applying for a $30,000 state grant for planning and design of a new public boat access for the Kettle Cove/Crescent Beach area.

The Town Council on May 6, 2019 approved the application for one of several grant opportunities that may help the town implement recommendations of the 2018 Harbors Committee.

The Shore and Harbor Planning Grant Program, managed by the Maine Coastal Program, Department of Marine Resources, offers a grant of up to $30,000 for planning and design of facilities and improvements for public and working access. Funding cannot be used for construction, and requires a 25-percent cash or in-kind match, according to a memo from Town Planner Maureen O'Meara.

The Harbors Committee report dated April 30, 2018 includes a recommendation to move the public boat access at Kettle Cove/Crescent Beach to an historic location further northwest off Kettle Cove Road. The existing access is problematic due to steep topography and exposure to erosive wave action.

Councilors approved the application at a special meeting May 6 to meet a mid-May deadline.

The grant is one of at least three identified in the planner's memo to help in funding relocation of the boat access.

Implementing the recommendations of the Harbors Committee, including crafting a coastal access plan and improving access for watercraft in the Kettle Cove/Crescent Beach area, are among Town Council goals for 2019.