Town begins cautious reopening June 1
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Parking improvements near Portland Head Light complete

Improvements to the central parking lot are complete, and, in the words of the town manager, they came out great.

photo of Fort Williams Park Facebook page
Click above to see photos of the parking lot construction project on Fort Williams Park's Facebook Page

The Town Council on June 10, 2019 authorized transfer of $450,000 from the Portland Head Light Fund and $150,000 from the Fort Williams Park Fund to pay for the capital-improvement project approved by the council in January. "People have been very happy to have it, and it's being used regularly to say the least," Town Manager Matthew Sturgis said of the improved facility. "It was a great project and I'm glad to close this out," he said.

Sturgis and Town Council Chair Jamie Garvin credited contractors LP Murray & Sons, Tammaro Landscaping and Mitchell & Associates Landscape Architects; as well as Public Works Director Robert Malley, Park Director Kathy Raftice and Park Coordinator Kerry Kertes, for coordinating the project and having it ready by Memorial Day.

The upgrades not only improve the appearance, logistics and safety of the central parking lot, said Sturgis, but enhanced stormwater handling also make a considerable environmental improvement.

The transfers were among several grants and appropriations accepted and approved by the council June 10 as they prepare to close the fiscal year. Others were:

  • Sawyer Road Hydrology and Hydraulic Study Grant [news article] - Appropriated from the undesignated fund balance the town's share of $3,000 for the Sawyer Road Hydrology and Hydraulic Study grant from the state of Maine that was accepted Dec. 10, 2018.
  • State of Maine Culvert and Habitat Impact Assessment Grant [news article] - Accepted grant of $15,000 and appropriated town's cash share of $2,000 from the undesignated fund balance, and further that the town provide at least $3,500 of in-kind match.
  • Unexpended Fuel Assistance Donations - Carried forward $4,744.40 of unexpended fuel assistance donation funds as of June 30, 2018 into FY2019 for use until the funds are exhausted or replenished.
  • Maine Department of Transportation Grant for Sidewalks and Related Pedestrian Safety Improvements in the Town Center [news article] - Accepted and appropriated $75,000 of federal funding, with the local share of $25,000 appropriated from the Tax Increment Finance district tax revenues.
  • Maine Municipal Risk Management Service Grant for Police Armor Carriers - Accepted and appropriated $1,283.33 from Maine Municipal Risk Management Service for the purchase of police armor carriers (vests) with molle.
  • Maine Bureau of Public Safety Grant "FY 2019 Click-It" Program - Accepted and appropriated up to $5,800 in federal funding, with the local share of $1,450 appropriated from the unassigned fund balance.
  • Maine Bureau of Highway Safety (Dirigo Safety, LLC Subgrantee) "FY19 Underage Drinking" Program - Accepted and appropriated up to $500.
  • Salary and Social Security Cost of the Finance Director [news article] - Appropriated $28,000 from the unassigned fund balance for costs through June 30, 2019.