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Town hires first municipal finance director

John Quartararo has been confirmed as the town's first municipal finance director.

The Town Council voted to confirm Quartararo's appointment on March 11, 2019, adding the new salaried position to the town's personnel code and authorizing approximately $40,000 from undesignated fund balance for his salary for the remainder of the fiscal year. Annual salary will be $87,000 plus benefits.

The description for the new position was approved in December when councilors directed Town Manager Matthew Sturgis, who made the appointment, to recruit for the position.

"We are extremely gratified with our selection, it was a unanimous decision of the hiring committee," Sturgis told councilors at their meeting March 11.

Quartararo will be responsible for overseeing finances on the municipal side of town government, work that up until now had been done by the town clerk, town manager and municipal comptroller, who is also the business manager for the School Department. "For years we had worked with the school ... but roughly what we found is over time both avenues have become larger," Sturgis said. "We felt at this point we'd grown to the size that we need to have a finance director for the town, and the business manager would still stay on the school side."

Other School Department offices will continue to oversee payroll, accounting and human resources for the town, part of the "one-town concept" Cape Elizabeth uses to maximize efficiencies.

Quartararo comes to Cape Elizabeth with approximately 40 years experience in government and government-related finance, most recently as treasurer for the town of Ogunquit. Ending his first day on the job March 11, he told councilors that he appreciated the opportunity to work with them. "I look forward to a long and successful time together," he said.

Sturgis and council Chair Jamie Garvin both said they were impressed with Quartararo's credentials, which include experience in private banking, municipalities, school districts, state government and large universities. "He met all of those characteristics we were looking for in the position, with multiple years of experience in the city environment, in the government lending environment, at a small town environment -- he checked all the boxes," Sturgis said.