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Nominate a Cape 'champion of sustainablity' for 2020 eco-Excellence award

Ecomaine, the municipally owned waste management facility that includes Cape Elizabeth, is calling for nominations for its 2020 eco-Excellence Awards.

The award honors individuals, organizations and businesses in one of ecomaine's 70+ communities that demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Online and mail-in nomination forms are available at the ecomaine website. Nominations will be accepted until 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31, 2020.

Winners are selected based on the effectiveness, increased awareness, community impact, and ease of replication of their sustainability programs or initiatives.

Last year's award winner from Cape Elizabeth was OutsideIn Maine, a company that cares for and maintains interior plant designs. (More about all 2019 eco-Excellence winners).

'Sustainable Community' is an ongoing goal Town Council goal for Cape Elizabeth.

Cape Elizabeth's 2019 eco-Excellence Award Winner:

OutsideIn Maine, Cape Elizabeth (from the ecomaine website)

As a company that cares for and maintains interior plant designs, Erica and her team at OutsideIn are inherently "green," if you'll pardon the pun.

As we all know, plants have a great role to play in sustainability, from cleaning our air to controlling temperatures.  But the folks at OutsideIn take the care of their clients' plants to the next level, in the name of sustainability. They use organic soap to clean the plants' leaves.  They use recycled and recyclable plant containers.  Cotton towels are used and reused again.  Erica's team walks to work, in order to save fuel emissions, and they have reduced paper use by handling proposals and billing electronically. What's more, Erica and her team spread the word about best practices like these, creating greater awareness of these eco-friendly practices.