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Strategic plan, policy revisions on tap for Thomas Memorial Library Committee in 2019

Now that the renovated Thomas Memorial Library is in full operation, the library committee is looking to develop a strategic plan for the future.

Beginning work on a new strategic plan is No. 2 on the three-item work plan submitted by the committee and accepted by the Town Council on June 10, 2019. "Most of the planning for the Library concluded with the building project," says the plan, referring to the $4 million renovation completed in 2016. "The (Thomas Memorial Library Committee) recognizes that in order to provide the best programs and services that are needed by the Cape Elizabeth community, it is important to develop a meaningful and articulate plan for the library to follow when making key decisions."

The committee has been working with a consultant to gather information from various stakeholders, said Town Manager Matthew Sturgis. The data will likely be presented to the committee this month, setting the stage for work on the plan to begin in the fall.

One councilor, Jeremy Gabrielson, suggested a workshop meeting with the committee to keep the council aware of progress. The committee might also hold a public forum, in the same fashion as those for the Comprehensive Plan and Fort Williams Park Master Plan, said Town Council Chair Jamie Garvin.

Garvin thanked the committee for developing and submitting the goals, which is also an annual goal for the Town Council. "We appreciate when all the committees put these items together, it's helpful to see, and good to see, the good work that's being done at the committee level," he said.

First and foremost on the library's list of goals was to complete the revision of library policies, bringing them in line with changes associated with the new facility. The committee is also looking to update policy language and to make them more user-friendly.