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Cape formulating plans to celebrate Maine bicentenniel

Cape Elizabeth is planning for the bicentennial of the state of Maine.

The Town Council on Sept. 9, 2019 authorized the town manager to draft a charge for an ad hoc Maine Bicentennial Committee to explore ways for the town to participate in the celebration of the bicentennial of the state of Maine. Town Manager Matthew Sturgis will present the charge to the council for approval in October.

Appointees will be recommended by Sturgis and approved by the council, rather than by the Appointments Committee interview process. "That way we can kind of jump ahead a little bit," Sturgis said. "Although the bicentennial is throughout the entirety of 2020, I'd would like to try to get folks on board to do that.

"I have some thoughts as far as how the (committee) structure would be that I'll bring back next month," he said.

Maine became the nation's 23rd state on March 15, 1820.

At the August Town Council meeting, Councilor Penny Jordan suggested the town form a bicentennial committee much like the one that coordinated events for Cape Elizabeth's 250th anniversary in 2015. She suggested the Cape Elizabeth Historical Preservation Society may want to be involved.