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Better days already beginning for meals at Cape High School

Morning bagels are signifying the start of better days for Cape Elizabeth High School's food services.

Following the School Board's November 2018 decision to withdraw the High School from the National School Lunch Program [news article], Superintendent Donna Wolfrom said the recent reappearance of bagels - something that was restricted under national nutrition standards - is a sign of better meals to come.

"It's just so exciting, so they have already restored bagels and the kids are very excited about that, along with some other favorite snacks," said Wolfrom, reporting to the School Board after a recent conversation with Nutrition Director Peter Esposito.

Esposito had requested the school be withdrawn from the federally assisted meal program because the portions and ingredients were so strictly regulated that students stopped buying school lunch. The restrictions, as well as reduced revenue from sales, meant Esposito had to discontinue many of the fresh menu items and programs that had been a big hit at the High School.

But now, "He's got some great ideas that he feels like he's freed up to do now," Wolfrom said at the Dec. 11, 2018 meeting of the board.

Some of those ideas include a return of the Senior Lunch Program, where senior citizens are invited to the school for lunch served by students; and, "Chef of the Month" where students get to taste the work of local restaurateurs.

Another treat in store for the students is a saute line manned by Esposito and by Principal Jeff Shedd, where students pick the meat, veggie and sauce they would like the guest chefs to prepare for them. "So I think there's some amazing things that are going to happen in the very near future at the High School," Wolfrom said.