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School Board considering policy on use of school logos

The School Board is considering putting restrictions on the use of Cape Elizabeth school logos.

The board heard a first reading of a draft policy on logo management at their meeting Dec. 11, 2018. The policy committee, at their November meeting, looked at a logo-management policy from a school district in Fresno, Calif.

Board member Elizabeth Scifres, chair of the policy committee, said the discussion has focused on the "CE" logo. "We had a request from a business in town that wanted to use in particular the Cape Elizabeth school logo, and so we then had kind of a bigger conversation about, do we just let anybody do whatever (they) want with that?" Scifres said.

Some uses of school logos may not be appropriate, Scifres said, so school Athletics Director Jeff Thoreck is looking in to the possibility of trademarking Cape Elizabeth's. "A lot of other schools and colleges do have their logos trademarked, so he's doing some research on that," Scifres said. Model policies from the Maine School Management Association also restrict non-school use of school logos to School Board approved clubs and booster organizations.

The proposal for a new logo-management policy was one of six policy updates presented to the board for first reading. Another was a new policy on bomb threats, which, Scifres said, is required by law but not currently part of Cape Elizabeth's policy manual. The proposed policy, based on a model from the MSMA. addresses reporting of and consequences for making bomb threats, apart from the School Department's existing procedures for what to do in the event of a bomb threat.

Others policies presented for first reading govern the sanctioning of sports; nepotism; School Board powers and responsibilities; and private-school students' access to public school cocurricular, interscholastic and extracurricular activities.

The policies are scheduled to return to the board for a second reading and adoption in January.

In other policy news, the board voted Dec. 11 to approve updates to policies:

  • JLCC - Communicable/Infectious Diseases
  • EBAA - Chemical Hazards
  • IHBAL - Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities
  • ADAA - School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior
  • ADC - Use of Tobacco Products and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

The policies adopted were unchanged from those presented for first reading on Nov. 13. [news article]