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Vision statement adopted for Fort Williams Park

The Town Council on March 12, 2018 adopted a mission/vision statement for Fort Williams Park. The statement will help to guide the council in future decisions about the park.

Here is the text of the statement:

The town's vision for Fort Williams Park is to provide a safe, high quality space for Cape Elizabeth citizens and visitors to enjoy. We will protect and maintain access to the park's historic elements and natural beauty for this and all future generations, and optimize the town's stewardship by managing the park through financially and ecologically sustainable practices.

The statement was drafted by the Town Council at a workshop on March 5, after councilors met in a February workshop with members of the Fort Williams Park Committee, said Town Council Chair Jessica Sullivan.

A 2018 goal of the Town Council is to work with the park committee to review the mission, vision and financial sustainability of Fort Williams Park.

The council voted to adopt the draft unanimously with no discussion. Sullivan said they could have adopted the text as read, edited it, or referred it to a workshop or other review.