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What every homeowner in Cape Elizabeth needs to know about winter moths

Winter Moth Report

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Town Tree Warden Mike Duddy has prepared "What Every Home Owner in Cape Elizabeth Needs to Know About Winter Moth," an extensive summary of the Winter Moth infestation and its threat to hardwood trees in Cape Elizabeth.

Duddy is hopeful that parasitoid flies released by the Maine Forest Service in recent years will begin to control Winter Moth in Cape Elizabeth over time, but there are steps that homeowners, property managers and the town government should take to keep vulnerable trees alive for the decade or more it will take for the flies to be effective.

"I have been asked by lots of people to write an article summarizing my thoughts on Winter Moth in Cape Elizabeth," said Duddy. "I don’t want to alarm people, but I do think it’s necessary to educate folks as to the reality we are facing with Winter Moths, and to provide some guidance on control efforts," he said.