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Council to continue discussing resolution welcoming all people June 5

The Town Council will discuss a revision of a proposed resolution welcoming all people at a workshop June 5, 2017, and is expected to act on the proposal June 12.

The language of the revised resolve has been reviewed by both the chief of police and the town's attorney, said Town Manager Matthew Sturgis.

Councilors asked for the review at their workshop May 1. The resolution was first presented to the council in April by a group of citizens, the Cape Diversity Coalition.

The revision, drafted by Councilor Penny Jordan, is much like the group's original proposal, but does not include wording considered by the town attorney to be creating "classifications" of people.

Here is the text of the revision councilors will discuss June 5:


WHEREAS, the United States of America has long stood for the freedoms and rights of all people and especially those persecuted in other lands that are seeking liberty and religious freedom;

WHEREAS, we feel all residents, regardless of beliefs and background, richly contribute to the quality of life in Cape Elizabeth;

WHEREAS, Cape Elizabeth supports respectful listening and dialogue across social, religious and political groups and rejects actions that stifle the views and ideas of others;

WHEREAS, we elected representatives of Cape Elizabeth have a leadership responsibility to speak out against discrimination, intolerance, violence or hate;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the town of Cape Elizabeth:

1. Condemns actions of hate, violence or discrimination directed toward any of its citizens;

2. Welcomes all people and celebrates the benefits of a pluralistic society, and respects the inalienable right of every person to live without fear;

3. Affirms that anyone targeted or made to feel unsafe for any reason should be able to turn to the town’s officials;

4. Encourages forums where civil and respectful dialogue may take place to promote better understanding.