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Council satisfied with new definition of 'accessory building'

An accessory building will stay an accessory building.

The Town Council on April 10, 2017 voted to retain the definition, included in a packet of technical amendments to the zoning ordinance, it approved six months ago.

While most of the amendments were approved readily, councilors agreed to look further into concerns expressed by Jay Cox, a member of the Cape Farm Alliance, that the new definition prohibiting overnight use of buildings with plumbing could limit farm buildings. Examples include housing for migrant workers.

After review, however, the Planning Board recommend the definition stay as is. "We came to the conclusion that all the activities and uses he was worried about not being allowed, would be allowed," board member Joe Chalat said at the Town Council's meeting in February.

The council followed its procedure in February by referring the recommendation to its ordinance committee, which concurred. The council voted April 10 to retain the definition.