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Grant sets stage for High School TV station

Coming to a flatscreen near you - Cape Elizabeth High School Television.

Well, it may start out as more of a YouTube channel, but the potential is big for a video production club at the High School that has been seeded with a $14,837 grant from the Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation.

The School Board formally and gratefully accepted the grant at their meeting May 9, 2017.

The funds will begin what High School Principal Jeff Shedd called a long-term project. "It's a long-term investment in technology that over several years, as we get better at helping kids develop the skills and understand how to use the technology," he told members of the board. And, "It's really to build on some passion that kids do have in this area, (kids) who may not be super athletic or may not be super whatever-you-want-to-call-it. It's to tap in to that side of some other kids as well."

The grant will go to purchase a variety of startup equipment, including camcorders, microphones, mixers, lights, laptop computers and a hard drive for storing all the data.

School Board members said they were excited at the possibilities for a student-run video channel, especially Jo Morrissey, who said she remembered watching the student news broadcast weekly at the high school she attended. "It was an incredible community-building as well as skill-building event for the school so, the possibilities of this seem really exciting," she said.

The grant is one of four awarded by CEEF in their spring round. School Board policy requires the board to formally accept grants exceeding $10,000, but board members May 9 also gratefully acknowledged:

  • Pond Cove School - Building Understanding and Respect for Cultural Diversity through Children's Literature, $6,500;
  • Middle School - The Pong Project, ping-pong table for the table-tennis club to play during advisory periods, $1,200; and,
  • High School - Coding Club, programming hardware (Raspberry Pi and Photon), $1,200.

Morrissey said the board greatly appreciates the contributions CEEF makes to bring innovative projects to the schools outside of the school budget. Total gifts from CEEF this spring was $23,797.