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Measelle Hubbs to chair School Board for 2018

The School Board elected Susana Measelle Hubbs to serve as chair for 2018. She was chosen at their annual caucus Dec. 11, 2017, and formally approved Dec. 12.

Measelle Hubbs, elected to the board in 2013, served as vice chair in 2016 and 2017.

Heather Altenburg was elected vice chair, and John Voltz will lead the finance committee, a committee of the whole board.

Elizabeth Scifres, immediate past board chair, was elected to head the policy committee, with newly elected School Board members M. Nasir Shir and Hope Straw serving on the committee

The board also elected members for these committees and advisory committees Dec. 12:


PATHS General Advisory Board
Member: Hope Straw

Student Wellness
Members: Kimberly Carr, John Voltz

Technology Steering Committee
Member: M. Nasir Shir

Transportation Appeals Committee
Member: Hope Straw

Buildings & Grounds
Member: Kimberly Carr

Members: Hope Straw, Elizabeth Scifres


Legislative Liaison
Members: John Voltz, M. Nasir Shir

Calendar Committee 2018-2019 Academic Year
Members: Heather Altenburg, Kimberly Carr

Dropout Prevention Committee
Member: Kimberly Carr

Town Comprehensive Plan 2019 Committee
Member: Susana Measelle Hubbs

Town Spurwink School Committee
Members: Heather Altenburg, John Voltz