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Reorganization replaces school cafeteria-manager positions with one assistant director of nutrition

The School Board on Sept. 12, 2017 approved a job description for a new assistant director of nutrition, part of a reorganization prompted by the resignation of High School cafeteria manager Pam Gerrish.

Gerrish resigned in August to more fully pursue opportunities in her family's catering business, said Superintendent Howard Colter. "When Pam stepped down, our food service director Peter Esposito thought this might a time to rethink the design of support in both kitchens (Pond Cove/Middle School and High School), and he felt it might be wise to have an assistant food services director," he said.

With the High School cafeteria manager position vacant, plans are to transform the Pond Cove/Middle School manager position to a systemwide assistant director of nutrition, and to hire an additional food-service worker to help part-time at the High School during busy periods.

The move is anticipated to save $10,000 annually. "It's a net savings financially," Colter said. "That program been running into the red for several years now, and this isn't going to be the solution to all that, but it helps reduce expenses."

The new assistant director will serve many of the functions of the cafeteria manager, plus administer the point-of-sale system, communicate with parents concerning school lunch accounts, assist the director in state and federal paperwork and other duties.

In 2015, in another move to economize, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough began to share Esposito's services as director of nutrition. [news article]