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Temporary changes in traffic, disposal patterns as Recycling Center upgrade gets underway

Recycling Center site work May 2017
Site work for the $1.4 million Recycling Center upgrade project is underway. (Photo courtesy Robert Malley)

Site work for the Recycling Center upgrade project is underway.

Public Works on May 2, 2017 announced temporary changes in traffic and disposal patterns to accommodate the work. Areas will be cordoned off and there will be lane closures, said Public Works Director Robert Malley.

The area known as the "trash hopper" will also be taken out of service around May 15 to allow for the removal of the existing hopper and refuse compactor. Instead, residents will use on-site roll-off containers for their household refuse, which will be located within the site and identified with traffic devices and signage.

The "silver bullets" will be relocated in the area of the salt shed as you enter the facility.

"The temporary traffic pattern is still being finalized so updates will be forthcoming as those changes are made," Malley said. Other areas and/or containers may be also be relocated, if necessary, but the Swap Shop and Bottle Redemption Building should be accessible on most days that the facility is open.

A bond for the $1.4 million project was approved by voters last June. Bids were opened in February and Dearborn Construction, Inc. of Buxton was awarded the contract to complete the improvements.

The project will be substantially complete by Aug. 1, Malley said. The improvements include easily accessible stationary compactors for single-stream recyclables and household waste. Traffic patterns will better defined and a new parking area will be constructed for patrons of the bottle redemption building and the Swap Shop (see final site plan).

"Please go slow and use caution when entering and exiting the temporary drop-off areas," Malley said. "Be patient and respectful to users as they get acclimated to the new traffic pattern. The attendants will be there to assist you and provide information. And as always, please feel free to contact us here at Public Works (207-799-4151) if you have any questions related to the project," he said.