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Scott Dyer Road/Hill Way project readies for Aug. 7 start

Phase I of the Scott Dyer Road/Hill Way improvement project will be getting underway the week of Aug. 7, 2017. The project should be substantially complete and based paved by Nov. 1.

The work on Scott Dyer Road will consist of some sanitary sewer replacement, the installation of new curbing and some miscellaneous drainage improvements. The work on Hill Way will be more extensive including the replacement of the water main, the full reconstruction of the road base and the replacement of the sidewalk.

Dearborn Construction, Inc. of Buxton was awarded the contract. They will start with the replacement of the sanitary sewer line between Farm Hill Road and Longfellow Drive on Monday, Aug. 7, 2017. Preliminary work, such as test pits and placing work-zone signs, may start as early as July 31. It is planned to complete all of the necessary work on Scott Dyer Road before the start of school. They will then move to Hill Way and commence the replacement of the water main and base gravel.

Like any construction project, there will be periodic traffic delays associated with excavations involving heavy equipment. Please keep a watchful eye out for construction personnel as you transit the area. Hill Way will only be open to local traffic once work starts on that segment. Residents of upper Brentwood may want to exit out of the neighborhood via Ramble Road, Maple Lane or Dearborn Drive to avoid any construction activity and/or road closures.

Robert C. Malley
Cape Elizabeth Public Works