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Informational meeting on pending Scott Dyer Road/Hill Way improvements set for May 31

The town is ready to begin major improvements at the intersection of Scott Dyer Road and Hill Way.

The pavement is failing in several places, and there are sidewalk and drainage issues that need to be addressed, said Public Works Director Robert Malley.

Last year, the Town Council approved funding ($50,000) for preliminary design and engineering for the intersection, an important link to the Pond Cove/Middle School campus, two significant neighborhoods and the Recycling Center.

An informational meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 31, 2017, at Town Hall for residents and others to inspect and comment on the plans.

"Hill Way in particular does not have an adequate sub-surface drainage system, the sidewalk is not completely in the public right-of-way and the Portland Water District would like to replace the 1920s vintage water main," said Malley in a letter to residents."

Plans are to complete the project in two phases over three years, starting late this summer.

"In the initial phase," says Malley's letter, "minor utility and pedestrian improvements are programmed for the upper portion of Scott Dyer Road, with more extensive reconstruction planned for Hill Way. That will involve replacement of the water main followed by a full-depth reconstruction of the road and making its intersection with Ocean House Road more pedestrian accessible.

"The second phase of the work will be a full-depth reconstruction of Scott Dyer Road, from Longfellow Drive to Spurwink Avenue, which includes the installation of a new sidewalk from Patricia Drive to Spurwink Avenue. This work is currently programmed for 2019."

If you are unable to attend this meeting and have any questions, please contact Malley, 207-799-4151.