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Award for outstanding citizenship goes to former manager McGovern

Click play button to view video of Town Hall chamber dedication plaque and Ralph T. Gould Award Plaque dedicating the Town Hall chamber to Michael McGovernPlaque dedicating the Town Hall chamber to Michael McGovern

Nearly 40 years ago, in May 1977, college intern Mike McGovern stood in the Cape Elizabeth Town Hall chamber for the very first time. Little did he know that one day that very room would be dedicated to him, and that he would be recognized as one of the town's most outstanding citizens.

The Town Council on April 10, 2017 unveiled the dedication plaque; and, in honor of McGovern's 38 exemplary years of service - 35 as town manager - named him the 2017 recipient of the Ralph Gould Award for Outstanding Citizenship.

The award is presented annually to recognize those who serve in the spirit of its namesake, the late Ralph T. Gould.

"There is a long and distinguised list of names of recipients who've received this award before you," Town Council Chair Jamie Garvin said before presenting McGovern the award. "But I would say that any list, no matter how lengthy, would be completely and totally incomplete without your name being added to it - which we choose to do here today," Garvin said.

McGovern was in his last month as town manager when the council approved the chamber dedication in December 2016. He said he knew about the plaque and was honored, but, holding the Gould Award, he said, "This is a surprise."

"One of the great joys of working in this community ... I've had the honor of knowing every single recipient of this award. It's wonderful to be in the company of such great, great folks. So thank you very much," McGovern said.