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How important is your public access to the Cape Elizabeth shore? Take the Harbors Committee online survey

The Town Council has created an ad hoc Harbors Committee to review issues related to Cape Elizabeth's harbors and public access to the shoreline and then to make recommendations based on their findings.

As part of the committee's assessment, the committee is seeking public input by conducting a resident survey. The purpose of the survey is to gather residents' opinions on public access to the coast as well as information related to moorings, boat-launch areas, shoreline usage, public-access concerns, and possible improvements.

Matt Sturgis, town manager, explained that the Harbors Committee has been charged with reviewing and updating a 1988 report on the same subject. "In the almost 30 years since the last report, the town has grown and with it has come increased demand for access to the shore," Sturgis said. "While the original report has been amended a few times over the years, the work of the Harbors Committee will be a more in-depth look at the current situation, with planning for the future.

"I encourage every resident to complete the anonymous brief survey. It will provide very valuable guidance in the preparation of the final report," Sturgis said.

Residents can find the survey online at