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Town seeks proposals to develop, conduct public-opinion survey

The town of Cape Elizabeth is requesting proposals to conduct a public opinion survey as part of its comprehensive plan. Proposals are due by 3 p.m. Friday, March 17, 2017


Here is the text of the request for proposals:





Request for Proposals
Public Opinion Survey
Town of Cape Elizabeth
2019 Comprehensive Plan Committee
(issued February 28, 2017)


Summary of project: The 2019 Comprehensive Plan Committee is soliciting proposals to design, conduct, analyze and prepare a report of results of a public opinion survey.

Description of work to be performed

The Town of Cape Elizabeth seeks a consultant to design, in consultation with the Comprehensive Plan Committee, and consistent with professional standards to conduct an objective survey instrument, a public opinion survey. The consultant will then deploy the survey instrument, using a method chosen by the committee with the advice of the consultant. The consultant will then analyze the results and provide a report of the results suitable for reproduction and posting to the town website.


The proposal should include:

1.         The principal doing the work should be identified and his/her qualifications provided. Recommendations are preferred but not required. Experience with comprehensive plan and other land use/public participation survey efforts should be identified.

2.         The proposer shall indicate that they have sufficient time to dedicate to the program and to complete work in a timely manner.

3.         The proposer shall provide examples of similar completed work.

4.         The Comprehensive Plan Committee has not decided if a paper, telephone, electronic or other type of survey will be used and encourages proposers to discuss this in the submission to the town. How to balance randomness and accuracy of the survey with inclusiveness for all residents should also be discussed.


A budget of $20,000 has been set aside for the public opinion survey.

Evaluation of Proposals: The Comprehensive Plan Committee will review the proposals at a meeting to be announced. Following the meeting, selected proposers may be asked to schedule an interview. In evaluating the proposals, the following may be considered:

1.         The ability, capacity, and skill of the consultant to perform the contract,
2.         Whether the consultant can perform the contract promptly, without delay or interference;
3.         The character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience and efficiency of the consultant;
4.         The quality of performance of previous contracts or services;
5.         The previous and existing compliance by the consultant with laws and ordinances relating to the contract or services;
6.         The quality, availability and adaptability of contractual services to the particular use required;
7.         The number and scope of conditions attached to the proposal;
8.         In the event of proposals of equal quality and service, preference may be given to a local vendor.
9.         Assuming notification of a successful proposal by April 30, 2017, when will work commence.

Submission deadline: Proposals should be sent by email to the address below by 3:00 p.m. on March 17, 2017. Review of the bids will occur at a Comprehensive Plan Committee meeting to be announced.

The Town reserves the right to accept, or reject any, or all proposals.

Questions regarding this request for proposals and scope of work shall be directed to:

Maureen O’Meara
Cape Elizabeth Town Planner
320 Ocean House Rd
P.O. Box 6260
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107