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Comprehensive Plan Committee reaching out to community groups

The Comprehensive Plan Committee would like to meet with community groups as part of the comprehensive plan process. The comprehensive plan, required by the state, is a document that acts as a guide for town developement.

If you represent a neighborhood association, condominium association or general community group, please provide your contact information to the town planner,

The Comprehensive Plan Committee began meeting in January 2017 and has targeted December 2018 as the completion of the draft comprehensive plan. Between now and then, the committee is prioritizing public engagement. One element of the public participation plan will be presentations they will offer to community groups. If your group might be interested in hearing a presentation on the comprehensive plan, please contact the town planner, 207-799-0115, with the name and contact info. Once the committee is ready to take their "show on the road," your organization will be contacted to schedule a time.

Until then, the public is encouraged to check out the latest comprehensive plan information on the town website, and to provide comments on the current comprehensive plan question:

Everyone is also encouraged to attend Comprehensive Plan 2019 Committee meetings, scheduled monthly at Town Hall.