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Participation growing, but more sought for Comprehensive Plan online discussion

The Comprehensive Plan 2019 Committee is hoping 1,000 townspeople will join the online discussion to help formulate the latest plan update.

Penny Jordan, town councilor and a member of the plan committee, said the discussion forum has about 65 members actively talking about planning topics that refresh every two weeks. About 95 discussion members are pending, Jordan said "but if we could get like over 1,000 that would be fantastic," she said at the Sept. 11, 2017 council meeting.

Every Maine municipality is required to have a comprehensive plan to guide community development. Cape Elizabeth's last comprehensive plan update was approved in 2007.

Topics for the forum have included favorite town attributes, and the most pressing challenges for the town in the next 20 years. Participants can also comment on draft plan chapters.

This week's topic is: What actions should the town consider to promote job creation in Cape Elizabeth?

"We're hoping to engage as many people from the community as possible," Jordan said.

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Everyone is encouraged to attend Comprehensive Plan 2019 Committee meetings, scheduled monthly at Town Hall.