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Second inspection set for houses served by Ottawa Road sewer pump station

The town will conduct a second house-by-house inspection of homes in the areas of Cottage Farms/Ottawa/Elmwood roads and Glen Avenue neighborhoods to find possible sources of groundwater infiltration into the Ottawa Road sewer pump station.

The town has contracted the engineering firm Wright-Pierce to do the inspection, set to begin the week of March 20, 2017. Two-person teams will visit households in search of possible sources of infiltration, including foundation drains, roof drains or sump pumps that may be connected to interior sanitary piping.

The program is an effort to identify infiltration that may have been missed during an inspection conducted in October 2014.

The teams will have photo ID cards, and will need access to basements of the homes they visit. "The town would greatly appreciate your cooperation when the teams arrive to perform their inspections," town Public Works Director Robert Malley said in a letter sent to neighborhood residents March 10.

The house-to-house inspection is part of a master plan to reduce overflow into the Ottawa Road Pump station. The high amount of groundwater is causing infrequent discharges of untreated sewerage into Portland Harbor during heavy rains.

The sewer overflow mitigation plan is required by the state Department of Environmental Protection for the pump station's continued operation. The plan was developed by the town, the city of South Portland and the Portland Water District and approved in 2013.