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Public Works completes remediation on rough patch of Shore Road

Public Works has completed remediation of a rough segment of Shore Road between Stonybrook Road and Birch Knolls.

Paving on Spurwink Avenue
Public Works has completed adhering a thin layer of asphalt to smooth a rough section of Shore Road

On Oct. 27, 2015, the department placed a very thin layer of asphalt on the section to improve the ride and to reduce the amount of time required to fill pot holes in the spring, said Director Robert Malley. "The pavement condition in both travel lanes was in pretty tough shape and we had received several citizen contacts requesting some remediation on that section," he said.

Snow will also scrape more easily in the winter, and reduce the amount of salt needed to break up hard-packed snow and ice, he said.

The stopgap measure was chosen over a complete repaving because the Portland Water District plans to replace a water main in this area in 2018. "We did not want to make a substantial investment in new pavement until after their work is completed," Malley said.

Malley mentioned the project in his narrative accompanying the 2017-2021 Roadway and Drainage Priorities Plan, which as accepted by the Town Council on Oct. 14. [news article]

(photos courtesy Robert Malley)