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Presenters share possibilities, inspiration at 18th annual Career Exploration Fair

Thirty-five enthusiastic community members offered possibilities and inspiration at the 18th annual Career Exploration Fair held at Cape Elizabeth Middle School March 5, 2015. They gave seventh- and eighth-graders a glimpse into different careers and career paths, and highlighted and modeled the skills they will need in the workforce.

Students learned from Paul Godfrey, engineer, that you need to be a good team member and a good listener as they worked to construct load-bearing model bridges with straws and tape. They learned from Gary Urey, author, that you need to be curious, creative, persistent, imaginative and passionate about what you do. Glenn Jordan, sports writer, stressed curiosity; and Chip Babineau, social worker, modeled passion.

Students learned that it’s important to know how to write a clear, concise, coherent report; it’s important to know proper mechanics and spelling; and that communication, creative thinking, innovation, initiative, and the ability to meet deadlines are critical skills for the work force.

Above all else, students learned what's most important: “Listen to what you love and what you want to do. If it’s worthwhile, work hard at it and do it well.”

The fair is sponsored by the Middle School Guidance Department in conjunction with Gail Schmader, director of Volunteer Services. It is an integral part of the career exploration and educational planning unit.

Here is a list of this year's presenters:

  • Stacey Koloski, Tess Van Horn, Corey Anderson, acting/theater, Stages
  • Josef Chalat, architect, Joseph Chalet Architects
  • Gary Urey, author, Gary Urey Books
  • MST3 Aaron Bisig, MST3 Luke Potter, MST3 John Scott, Coast Guard, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Jeff Monkiewicz, culinary arts, Piper Shores
  • Malcolm Toon, designing apps for mobile devices, Digital Sectional, LLC
  • Scott Collins, environmental engineering, St. Germain.Collins
  • Courtney Tait, fashion merchandising, Twist Boutique
  • Megan McConagha, graphic design, 360 Uncoated Design
  • Marion Sprague, Mark Bennett, Evan Thayer, Federico Giovani (CEHS student), high-tech manufacturing, Manufacturers Association of Maine, Pratt Whitney, Cape Elizabeth School Department
  • Officer David Galvan, Officer Mark Dorval, Officer Ben Davis, law enforcement/firefighting, Cape Elizabeth Police Department
  • Richard O’Meara, lawyer, Murray, Plumb, Murray
  • Adam Baukus, Croy Carlin, marine biology/marine education, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
  • Dr. Benjamin Huffard, Lisa Mims, medical careers, Orthopaedic Associates
  • Alan King, music careers, AK Music
  • Jennifer Jellison, Darren Cook, personal trainer, Snap Fitness So. Portland
  • Denise Ordonez, photographer, Cape Elizabeth School Department
  • Chip Babineau, social worker, Cape Elizabeth School Department
  • Kristen Tevanian, speech pathology, Cape Elizabeth School Department
  • Glenn Jordan, sports writing, Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram
  • Paul Godfrey, structural engineering, HNTB
  • Dr. Ginger Brown-Johnson, Dr. Nina Morris, veterinarian, The Veterinary & Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth
Scenes from Career Fair 2015:

Students participate in 'Designing Apps for Mobile Devices'

Students build a bridge from straws while learning about structural engineering

Dr. Benjamin Huffard leads a session on medical careers

A student learns about personal training

Scott Collins leads a session on environmental engineering

photos by Cullen Concannon