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Residents reminded not to blow, plow, or shovel snow out into public way

With the arrival of winter, town officials are reminding residents that it is illegal to blow, shovel or otherwise move snow into the street.

Maine statutes prohibit persons from placing, and allowing to remain on a public way, snow or slush that has not accumulated there naturally. [Title 29-A, Chapter 21, Section 2396-4]. Fine for violation is $190.

"Our operators take pride in plowing the roads and it's a little discouraging when we have spent the time clearing them only to have them filled back in by someone's snow blower," said Public Works Director Robert Malley. He said he can appreciate that some residents have limited choices to throw the snow, but the street isn't really the best option.

"This creates problems, especially on the main lines where we apply salt to remove the hard packed snow," Malley said. "The snow gets packed down by vehicles and can freeze, causing problems for both vehicles and pedestrians," he said.