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Careers from architect to veterinarian represented at 16th annual Middle School Career Exploration Fair

Thirty-two community members presented career possibilities ranging from architecture to veterinary services at the 16th annual Cape Elizabeth Middle School Career Exploration Fair on Thursday, March 7, 2013.

The annual event, open to seventh- and eighth-graders, offers glimpses into various careers and career paths. Presenters encourage students to trust themselves, to listen to what they like, and to work hard.

The fair is sponsored annually by the Middle School Guidance Department in conjunction with Volunteer Services Director Gail Schmader. It is an integral part of the career exploration and educational planning unit.

2013 Presenters

  • Josef Chalet, Architect, Josef Chalet Architects
  • Deidre Fulton, Author, author
  • Stacey Koloski, Hollye Seddon, Johnny Speckman Acting/Theater, Stages
  • David Turin, Cook/Chef, David’s Restaurant
  • Malcolm Toon, Designing apps for Mobile Devices, Digital Sectional, LLC
  • Jim Ekedahl, Engineering, Woodard & Curran
  • Ann Perrino, Fashion Merchandising, Ann Veronica
  • Sara Lennon, Graphic Design, Graphic Designer
  • Susan Grisanti, Kate Gable, Sarah Beard Buckley, Journalism, The Maine Magazine
  • Community Liaison Officer Mark Dorval, Officer Ben Davis, Law Enforcement/Firefighting, Cape Elizabeth Police Department
  • Peter Cary, Lawyer, MittelAsen
  • Croy Carlin, Zach Whitener, Curt Brown, Marine Biology/Marine Education, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
  • Dr. Mark Zajowski, Medical Careers, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates
  • Tony Boffa, Music Careers, Tony Boffa School of Contemporary Music
  • Jill Turcotte, Occupational Therapy/Health Sciences, Cape Elizabeth School Department
  • Karen McCue, Personal Trainer, Cape Elizabeth School Fitness Center
  • Joanne Lee, Photographer, Joanne Lee Photo
  • Gillian Britt, Public Relations, gBritt PR
  • Glenn Jordan, Sports Writing, Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram
  • Elizabeth Johnston, Teacher, Cape Elizabeth Middle School
  • MST1 Kim McLean and MST1 Joshua Baeten, MST3 Aaron Bisig, US Military, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Dr. Ginger Brown-Johnson, Dr. Nina Morris, Veterinarian, Veterinary & Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth
Scenes from Career Fair 2013:


Medical Careers


Occupational Therapy and Health Services

photos by Mrs. Cullen Concannon